Four “Staffordshire” pieces, Ca 1847 by William Smith, a crook. The first of these three, the earliest is a 12 inch washbowl, two cracks, an impressed mark WEDGEWOOD (note the second E) and underglaze mark “W. S. & Co. Stafford Pottery”…Wedgwood, the famous pottery, has no second E… Smith, who worked in Stafford on Tees, Yorkshire, rather than Stafford on Trent, is trying to pass his work as Wedgwood. No luck. Wedgwood takes him to court and he is forbidden to work in England.
Not deterred, Smith goes to Belgium and starts again making “Staffordshire”…this time in Antwarp (Antwerp)…see marks on jug, undamaged, and thunder mug, foot rim repair. Having lived in Belgium, we know Smith is the most common “Staffordshire” one sees. It just goes to prove you can’t keep a bad man down.