Alexandre-Louis Martin “THREE MINERS”


Note: This is a very large, fine painting. It is too large for our photo facility and the website. Its dimensions, with original frame, are 48 inches by 60 inches. It is now boxed.
Stock 11444 oil on canvas. Belgian. Ca 1920. Alexandre Martin 1887-1954. Educated in Mons, Brussels, and Antwerp, the best academies in Belgium, Martin was the son of a miner. He was a fine portraitist and never forgot his roots. This superb work speaks to the savagely hard life in the mines near the turn of the century. We have handled many of his works and this is the best. There is a regional museum established in 1938 in his name in Carnieres, Belgium, his home. Works also in other regional museums. It is our best painting.
In the additional photos, there is a photo of the museum dedicated to him…we have many photos of his work there…one in particular is shown…it is a different version of our painting! Ours is, we believe, better. The Museum made post cards of their version an included it in their catalog.

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