Stock 11438 Oil on Canvas, Belgian, Circa 1940, Albert Chavpeyer, 1899-1986 The scene is Chatelet, an industrial and mining town near the Sambre River, Chavpeyer's home. Chavpeyer was a professor of Art at the Academy of Mons. When in Chatelet I asked the artist's nephew “Why, in the early 20th Century, did so many good paintings originate in this now-depressed region”? His answer was 'that at the turn of the 20th Century the Sambre Valley was an Industrial (and colonial) powerhouse. It had perhaps the highest per capita income in the world. Their children could afford art school and a leisurely life in the arts'. Much of the art we offer comes from this region…it is good and reasonably priced. Listed artist. Dimensions with frame 26 X 30 inches