Our Typical Stock

January 16, 2017
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Friends, Colleagues, Customers:
I am sad to report that my partner, my wife, my love, Claire passed away in October after a long battle with a malignant brain tumor.

I, Michael Higgins, will continue to deal in art and antiques at shows in Atlanta (Scotts), in Nashville (The Antiques and Garden Show), in Round Top, Texas (Red Barn),in Houston (the Old HADA show), and in Chattanooga, (the Huston Museum Show) and perhaps in other shows and very much through this website.

Beginning with 20th Century Art, I am updating this website with new stock and reducing prices on older stock. Yesterday alone I added a dozen or so paintings, some very good. This process will continue, first in art, then in accessories, then porcelain. I encourage you to call me at 610-585-8372 if you have questions.

Higgins Antiques